Dr. Haker has written extensively on many topics. For a full listing, please visit the BOOKS or ARTICLESYou may also explore her work according to her primary research areas:

Moral Identity & Concepts of the Self (agency, autonomy, alterity, narrativity, shame, recognition and responsibility as ethical concepts)

New Technologies & Bioethics (reproductive medicine, human genetics, HIV/AIDS, and new technologies: nanotechnology, synthetic biology, information and communication technology, robotics)

Literature & Ethics / Hermeneutical Ethics (modern literature & narratives as medium of/for ethics, experiential ethics, narrative bioethics)

Justice & Social Ethics (human rights and global justice, solidarity, political theology and ethics, compassion and social recognition)

Feminist ethics (women’s rights, violence against women, feminist theory and gender theory, feminist bioethics, sex-trafficking)

Christian Ethics: Foundational Questions (critical theory, fundamental theological ethics and methods, Catholic moral theology & social ethics, sexual ethics, Catholic feminist ethics)


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