Academic Lectures:

Workshop & Seminar: Medical Ethics in Healthcare Chaplaincy at Frankfurt University, Germany, December 12-15.

Anniversary Lecture of the Clinical Ethics Committee of the St. Joseph-Stift: Anerkennung und Verletzlichkeit, Breman, November 15th.

University of Bochum, Germany, November 11th.

Public Lectures:

The Catholic Church, Societies, and the Global Climate Crisis – the Path Forward, after the 9:00AM Mass, St. Nicholas Church, Oldershaw Hall, October 16th.

Ricoeur Conference, Plenary Lecture, University of Chicago, October 9th.

Exploring Human Origins, Is Being Human Tied to Being Moral? “, September 27th.

“Vulnerable Agency”, Uppsala University, Sweden: October 6th.

Panel on Global Security, Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage Symposium: Citizenship, public service, and the common good , Loyola University Chicago, September 21st.

International Conference “Ethics and Law”, 53rd Annual Meeting, Societas Ethica (SE), Chair and Convener, August 18-21st

Australian Association of Philosophy (AAP), Keynote lecture: “Vulnerable Agency: Concepts and Contexts” Monash University, July 3-7, 2016

Justice and Mercy, Compassion as a Political-Theological Concept: A Re-Interpretation of Mercy and Compassion, Catholic Theological Society of America, June 9-12, 2016

How to Understand and Respond to Religious Violence, panel discussion “State Violence and Violence Against Vulnerable Groups: Unaccompanied Children’s Rights and Catholic Responses”,4th International McCormick Ethics Colloquium: Healing the Wounds of Violence, April 18-19

Response to Richard Kearney’s “What Comes After God? Some Anatheist Reflections”, The Challenge of God Conference, April 14-17

Compassion und eine prophetische Ethik des Friedens”; Compasión, profecía de la no violencia y Ética de la Paz”, 2nd Congress of Latin American and German Women Theologians (Teologanda & Aganda), Buenos Aires, March 28-31st.

“A new covenant – Responsibility for the Earth”, Signum Fidei Lecture, March 22

“Climate Justice – Path to a Just Future”, Climate Change Conference, Loyola University Chicago, March 17-19

Climate Change and Energy Ethics – the contribution of the European Group of Ethics in Science and New Technology (EGE), Conference on Climate Change Trinity College, Dublin, March 14

“Beyond Individualism: Relationships and Relationality to Rethink Identity: Transcending Liberalism – Avoiding Communitarianism: Human Rights and Dignity in Bioethics”, Pontificia Urbana Conference, Rome, March 8-11

“Response to Joas’ The Danger of Self-Sacralization,” Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting 2016, Toronto, January 2016

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