Academic Lectures:

Workshop: The economization of healthcare. One day seminar, (certified by German Medical Board as qualification course); University Frankfurt, event by the project Medical Ethics in Healthcare Chaplaincy, December 12, 2013

Ethik und Empirie. Invited Opening Lecture of the Bi-Annual Conference of the International Association of German Speaking Moral Theologians and Social Ethicists, September 7-11, Graz, Austria

“Energy Ethics” – A European Perspective. Invited Panel Speaker at the Societas Ethica Annual Conference on Climate Change, August 21-25, Utrecht University, Netherland

Guest Master Seminar: Global Justice, University of Tuebingen, June 13-14, 2013

Solidarity and Justice reconsidered: Invited Lecture at the Concilium Conference: Living with Diversity, Montreal, May 29th 2013

Book Presentation: Susan Ross, Anthropology: Seeking Light and Beauty, Loyola University Chicago, May 3, 2013

Religion in the Public Sphere: Lecture at the 2nd McCormick International Colloquium Chicago, March 18-21, 2013

Robotik als Projektion und Pflegeersatz – Ethische Fragen zum Einsatz von Robotern in der alternden Gesellschaft, Invited Lecture: University of Frankfurt, 14.1.2013 (Robotics as Projection and Replacement of Care – Ethical Questions on the use of robots in an ‚ageing society‘)

Panel Presentation on J. Bishop’s “The Anticipatory Corpse” ; Society of Christian Ethics, Jan 3-6, 2013

Public Lectures:

Verantwortete Elternschaft“ unter den neuen Bedingungen der Reproduktionsmedizin und pränatalen Diagnostik, Wuerzburg, July 26, 2013

Bildung der Identität als ethische Identität: Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Rottenburg Stuttgart, Invited Lecture, 20.4.2013

Ethik im Spannungsfeld von moralischen Intuitionen, Appellen und Überforderung
Vorarlberg, 8.3.2013.

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