Academic Lectures:

  1. “Holy Sex Workers”: Mary Magdalene and Other Women, or the Mythology of Prostitution: A Panel Discussion, organized by the Cody Chair and McCormick Chair, Loyola University Chicago, March 3rd, 2011; lecture: “Indecent Work, Indecent Workers or Victims-Can Christian Ethics Get It Right?”
  2. Woodrow Wilson Center Washington: Panel on Synthetic Biology, President’s Commission on Bioethics and European Group on Ethics, March 25th, 2011.
  3. Hohenheimer Theologinnen Treffen 2011; Introduction as former president, May 2011.
  4. Kulturwissenschaftlicher Kongress: „Geburt, Kindheit, Geschwister – die Wurzeln unserer Zukunft“,05.2011 + 22.05.2011 Kaiserslautern; lecture: ethics of parenthood.
  5. Expert Hearing Präimplantationsdiagnostik, German Federal Parliament, 25. Mai, 2011, Berlin.
  6. Workshop zur Ethik im Strafvollzug, May 23-24, Mainz.
  7. Keynote Speaker at the annual meeting of Societas Ethica in Locarno: Autonomy and Care in Medicine, 25.-28. August 2011.
  8. Conference lecture: Experientielle Ethik und Scham, Beschämung und Moralische Identität: Conference on Experietial Ethics, Erfurt, October 2011.
  9. Organisation and Chairing of the first Richard McCormick Lecture and first International Colloquium.

Media Appearances:

  1. Radio Interview on the German Theologians‘ Memorandum: BBC Belfast, Februrary 2011.
  2. CNR (interview with John Allen), February 2011, http://catholicdiscussion.yuku.com/topic/5380/German-bishops-express–desire–dialogue—theologians#.TeUtWlvAxod
  3. German Television documentary program: „Monitor“: Lebensmittel von geklonten Tieren
  4. Panel Discussion: “Du sollst nicht töten!”. Kölner Stadtanzeigers and Frankfurter Rundschau: Zur Tötung Usama Bin Ladens, Köln 10.5.2011.
  5. Radio-Talk Südwestrundfunkt, with philosopher and chair of the Swiss National Ethics Committee Otfried Höffe, Juni 2011; podcast: http://www.podcast.de/episode/2376697/Der%20Kulturkampf%20um%20die%20PID
  6. Television Talk zur Präimplantationsdiagnostik, Bibel TV, Juli 2011
  7. Television News appearing PID, Bibel TV, Juli 2011; 30min video available online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpNYewNK_2M

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