Teaching & Dissertations

Teaching Experience and Courses

2017-2018 German Intellectual Culture (undergraduate/graduate class)

Theories of Justice (graduate class)

2016-2017 Bioethics and New Technologies (Graduate class)

Recognition and Responsibility (Graduate Class)

2015-2016 Foundation and Methods in Ethics (Graduate Class)

Moral Responsibility (Honors Class)

2014-2015 Ethics of Responsibility (Graduate Course)

Theological Pedagogy (Graduate Class, co-taught)

Feminist Ethics (Graduate Class)

2013-2014 Concepts of the Self (Graduate Class)

Concepts of Responsibility (Honors Class)

Hermeneutics and Ethics (Graduate Class)

2012–2013 Bioethics and Medical Ethics (Graduate Class)

Recognition and Responsibility (Graduate Class)

2011–2012 Integrative Studies of Ethics and Theology (Graduate Class, co-taught, on the topic of Forgiveness, with mentoring in spring 2012)

Bioethics and Theology (Undergraduate Course)

2010–2011 Concepts of the Self (Graduate Class)

Concepts of Justice (Graduate Class)

2009–2010 Work and Ethics

Morality and Identity

Ethics and Law: New Reproductive Technologies

2008–2009 Media and Ethics

Literature and Ethics: Post-Holocaust Literature

2007-2008 Ageing and Ethics

Bioethics and Media

Ethics in Religious Education

Gender Studies

Ethics and Law: Justice and Equality

2006–2010 Coordination of Courses on “Ethics in Economy” at the Faculty of Economy, Frankfurt University (organization of 5 parallel courses each term)
2005–2010 Lecture Courses: Introduction to Ethics; Introduction to Social Ethics; The ‘Ethical Self’ and the Concept of Care;

Seminar: Justice – Forgiveness – Reconciliation; Contemporary Issues of Bioethics

2004–2005 Harvard Divinity School: Lecture courses: Introduction to Bioethics; Social Ethics; Concepts and Critique of the Self

Seminars: Ethics and literature: Sophocles’ “Antigone” and the Reception in Ethics; Violence as Cause for Ethics?; Feminist Ethics

1992–2003 Introduction to Christian Ethics
1998–2003 Ethics Colloquium for Doctoral Students (with D. Mieth)
2002–2003 Feminist Bioethics, also taught at the University of Bamberg: Visiting Lecturer

Ethics and Economics of Globalization

Moral Sentiments and Theory of Emotion

2000–2001 Ethics of Family, Kinship and personal relationships
1998–1999 Ethics of Biotechnology
1997–1998 Ethics of Biomedicine
1996–1997 Film Ethics
1995–1996 Moral Luck and Happiness
1994–1995 History of Ethics
1993–1994 Communitarianism and Liberalism
1992–1993 Ethics and Guilt and Sin

Dissertation Committees

Finished Directed Dissertations Silas Morgan, John Crowley Buck, Michael McCarthy, Grant Gholson, Christian Cintron, Tara Flanagan
Finished dissertations (committees) 2012- Loyola University Chicago (Reader): Cynthia Wallace (English), Jesse Perillo, William Myatt, Adam Hankins, Amanda Egan (Psychology), Wendy Morrison

External Reader:

Joseph Moser, Northwestern University, Gill McArdle(Trinity College, Dublin), Sofia Morberg Jaemterud (Uppsala University Sweden)



Erica Saccucci *candidate (director), Gwendolin Wanderer *candidate (director), Sara Wilhelm Garbers *candidate (director)
Reader 2012- Daniel Dion: *candidate (reader), Jason Renken *candidate (reader), Joseph Gulhaugen *candidate (reader), Stefanie Wahl *candidate (reader), Alyson Capp *candidate (reader)

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