Experience & Education


University Offers: Harvard Divinity School (Associate Professor, 2003, accepted)

Goethe University Frankfurt (Full Professor, 2005, accepted)

Tübingen University (Full Professor, 2010, declined)

2010 – Present Richard McCormick Endowed Chair in Catholic Moral Theology, Loyola University Chicago
2005 – 2010 Chair for Moral Theology/Social Ethics at Frankfurt University
2003 – 2005 Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Divinity School, Harvard University
October 2002 “Privatdozentur” [Equivalent to associate professor] since 10.1.2002
2002 – 2003 Heisenberg Scholar
August 2002 Appointed as Wissenschaftliche Oberassistentin (Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor) for Theological Ethics, University of Tübingen
1992 – 2002 Assistant (Lecturer/Assistant Professor) in the Ethics Department of the Catholic Theology Faculty, chaired by Professor Dietmar Mieth
1989 – 1991 Research Assistant at Ethics in the Natural Sciences, which became the Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, University of Tübingen


University Education/Degrees:

2001 Habilitation (second Ph.D.) on Ethics of Genetic Diagnosis at the Beginning of Life
1997 Degree as Doctor of Theology (Ph.D.). Title of dissertation: “Moral Identity: Literary Life Stories as a Medium of Ethical Reflection, with an Interpretation of Anniversaries by Uwe Johnson”]. Summa cum laude. Awarded the dissertation prize for Tübingen University in Catholic theology, 1998.
1990 Degree in Theology/German Literature (Staatsexamen) (MA equivalent)
1989 Degree in Theology (Diploma) (MA equivalent)
1987 – 1989 Study courses at the University of Tübingen
1986 – 1987 Study courses at the University of Munich
1985 Degree in Catholic Theology, University of Tübingen (BA equivalent)
1984 Degree in Catholic Theology, German Literature, and Philosophy (Staatsexamen) (BA equivalent)

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